Homemade Cure for Asthma

Homemade Cure for AsthmaThis is a well known folk remedy for the treatment of asthma, lung as well as the heart asthma. Our grandmothers prepared this remedy in various ways and according to the experiences of many, they knew what they were doing.



Heat the sugar in a metal bowl over medium heat with constant stirring, until it changes its color. Then, add the finely chopped onion, fry it shortly and add the water. Boil everything together over medium heat, until 1/3 of the water has evaporated. Then, let it cool off, add the two squeezed lemons and the honey and mix well until the mixture is completely even. Let it sit, and then strain it (from the pieces of onion) and pour it into a glass bottle.


You should take one tablespoon of the drink before each meal until you spend the entire amount. If it is necessary, you can prepare a new dose and repeat the procedure until the lungs are completely recovered.

For children, it is recommended to take one teaspoon before each meal.

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