Homemade Remedy That Can Save You from Hemorrhoids

homemade remedy for hemorrhoidsSuper cream, which is easy and cheap to be prepared, can save you from hemorrhoids, bronchitis and many other problems. The cream is prepared with only one egg (boiled, because you need only the yolk), 400ml of olive oil and 600gr of beeswax.


Take a pot and put the olive oil, and then on a low heat melt a piece of beeswax in it. When it boils, add the yolk. When it starts to make foam, remove the pot from the heat.

When it calms down, put the pot back on the heat and stir constantly until the mixture gets dark brown color. When it cools off, strain it with gauze.

You should put the cream in a glass container and close it well. You can keep it in the refrigerator for 10 months.

For sinusitis, you should melt some of the cream and put two drops of it in the nose. It will instantly stop the inflammation of the sinuses and absorb the pus.

For bronchitis, you should consume half a teaspoon of the remedy, three times a day before meals.

For hemorrhoids and burns, you should apply some of the cream on the affected area, and it will eliminate the boring hemorrhoids.

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