Honey Cures Heart Disease: Best Home Remedy for Myocarditis

Honey Cures Heart DiseaseThe glucose, that is 35% of the content of sugars in the honey, is a classic cure for heart diseases. When you consume honey, the glucose passes into the blood immediately and serves as an energy material for the heart muscle and other tissues.

The honey improves the detoxification ability of the liver that is essential for those who suffer from heart diseases. The improving of the urine is another important healing property of the honey – because the honey reduces the swelling. The heart patients also have noticeable signs of depression – but the honey normalizes the work of the nervous system as well.


With the constant use of 70 to 100 grams of bee honey a day, in heart patients, you can notice a visible improvement of the general condition, the work of the heart and reducing of the swelling.

Inflammation of the heart – Myocarditis

The person who suffers from acute myocarditis feels pain or heaviness in the heart area, gets heart palpitations, breathlessness, especially when they are moving. The pulse is rapid or slow, sometimes skipping occurs (arrhythmia) in the work of the heart, the patient is exhausted and pale, often the temperature is increased, there are swellings on the legs.

The chronic myocarditis often occurs as a result of untreated acute myocarditis, in case of chronic alcoholism, messy life, smoking, heavy physical work, strong mental exertion and excitement.

For such conditions, the folk medicine recommends

500 grams of pure honey
2 lemons
2 yolks of fresh eggs
2 tablespoons of sugar


You should whisk the yolks with the sugar (like when you make a cake) and gradually add the mixture of finely ground or grated lemons and honey. You should add the mixture gradually with constant stirring, until the mixture becomes homogeneous. The patient should take one tablespoon of it three times a day, 20 minutes before meals.

For general strengthening of the organism

120 g of ground figs
250 g of ground lemons with the peel, but without seeds
250 g of pure honey
50 g of rum

Stir all ingredients until the mixture becomes homogeneous. You should take one tablespoon, three times a day.

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