How To Get Beautiful Skin and Hair Naturally by Using Citrus Fruits

How To Get Beautiful Skin and Hair Naturally by Using Citrus FruitsThe citrus fruits help our skin to go through the wet and cold weather. The ingredients in the lemons and oranges contain plenty of vitamin C, iron, calcium and phosphorus, pectin and oils.

All these ingredients make the skin and hair stronger and stimulate their regeneration.

The fruits, juices and essential oils of the citrus fruits, besides the basic care, will improve your mood, awaken and stimulate the pleasure and add a breath of sunshine and summer in our bodies.

Mask for fresh complexion

Mix 15 drops of orange essential oil, 3 tablespoons of cottage cheese and 1 egg yolk. Apply the mask on your face, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face.

Face Lifting

Mix the juice of half a lemon with a tablespoon of warm water. Apply this mixture on your face with cotton twice a day, every other week.

Bath for revitalization of the body

Cut half a kilogram of lemons into slices, pour boiling water over them and keep them like that for one hour. Add this mixture into the bathtub and enjoy.

Oil against cellulite

Take 50 ml of jojoba oil and add 10 drops of essential oils of orange, lavender and blueberry. Massage the mixture into the skin after taking a shower.

Bath for the feet

Mix the juice of 2 lemons with 2 tablespoons of cream and 7 drops of lavender essential oil. Pour the mixture into a bowl with warm water, stir and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes.

Nutritional wrap for the hair

Squeeze half a banana and mix it with a tablespoon of orange juice, a tablespoon of lemon and a tablespoon of grapefruit juice and whole milk. Wash your hair and then apply this mixture, keep it like that for 20 minutes and then wash your hair well.

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