How To Recover from Cold and Flu in a Record Time

How To Recover from Cold and Flu in a Record TimeSome of the symptoms that you feel when you have a cold or flu, do exist and are present so that our body can release itself from the virus and it comes out of that battle a lot stronger and powerful.

The fever is an attempt of our body to destroy the viruses, because the high temperature creates a warmer environment and thus it tries to defeat the virus. The warm environment creates fast and effective circulation that destroys the viruses.

Therefore, when you have a slightly higher body temperature, do not reach immediately for the remedies that lower the temperature, but let your body fight on its own because it can help you to recover faster.

The cough is a productive symptom that clears the respiratory passages from the thick mucus that can carry germs directly into your lungs and the rest of the body.


If you are in a warm area and you rest when you feel the first symptoms, you will help your body to direct the energy in the right immune battle. It is very exhausting for the body, therefore you should lie down and just relax.

Blowing the nose

It is very important to blow your nose regularly while you have a cold and not take back the mucus into you. You should not blow your nose too hard, because the pressure that is created can carry the germs in your mouth channels, so the consequences could be ear infections. When you blow your nose it is best to gently press one nostril while you blow the other one and repeat the same procedure as many times as it is needed.

Help with Stuffy nose

You know that the salty water at the sea does wonders for your nose, it removes the viruses and the bacteria at the same time. Therefore, you should use salty water to clear your nose in the winter months as well.


Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder in 2.5 dl of hot water. Use a dropper to put the liquid into the nose. Close one nostril with your finger and add the salty mixture into the other one. Repeat this 2 to 3 times and then do the same with the other nostril.


The gargle makes the sore throat moist and it will provide a temporary relief. Try to help yourselves with a tablespoon of salt dissolved in a glass of hot water, four times a day. In order to reduce the tickling in the throat, try to use the bitter solution or a thick mixture with honey.


Squeeze the juice of one lemon, mix it with 1 dl of hot water and add 1-2 tablespoons of honey. Before you use the solution to gargle, let it cool off at room temperature.

Gargling with sage and chamomile

The gargling with sage and chamomile is recommended for angina, inflammation of the palate and the tonsils.


Take two tablespoons of the mixture of equal parts of the plant, pour 2.5 dl of hot water, let it sit for 10 minutes and gargle with the liquid on every 2 hours.

Hot Drinks

The hot drinks and liquid relieve the nasal congestion, prevent dehydration and soothe the uncomfortable inflammation of the membranes that irritate the nose and the throat. If you cannot sleep because of the congested nose, here are good old recipes.

Recipe 1

Add a teaspoon of honey and 0.3 dl of brandy or whiskey in a cup of warm herbal tea. Do not drink more than one cup.

Recipe 2

Squeeze the juice of one orange in a cup of boiling water and add 1/4 teaspoon of ginger and 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink it while it is hot.


The steam will moisten the nasal passage and relax you. You do not have to go to the pharmacy immediately. You can prepare an inhaler. Fill half a bowl with hot water and add essential oils

Balm under the nose

Some mint balm under the nose can comfortably open your airways and help you in the healing of the irritated skin under the nose. The menthol, eucalyptus, camphor contain a calming ingredient that can help to alleviate the pain on your nose which was caused by the wiping.

Additional pillow under the head

If you have a very stuffy nose, add an extra pillow under your pillow so that your head would be higher.

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