How To Stop Hiccups

How To Stop HiccupsFortunately, the hiccups are usually only an obstacle and nothing serious. It is a manifestation of frequent muscle spasms of the diaphragm and the cause is the irritation of the inferior ganglion (vagus nerve). The characteristic sound that is heard during the hiccups is caused by a sudden closure of the opening between the vocal cords, which otherwise lets the air pass evenly and freely.

In rare cases, the hiccups may occur as a symptom of certain diseases. Then, it lasts much longer than we are used to and it is repeated every day, until you eliminate the serious health problem that causes this kind of hiccups.

Our title means “the common harmless hiccup” that to this day is stopped naturally, even on the recommendation of a doctor. All natural methods for stopping hiccups are based on two basic principles. The first principle is calming of the inferior nerve which can be achieved by changing the temperature, taste, or a different way of stimulation. The second one is based on increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, because the experience shows that this way, this obstacle can be successfully stopped.

The first principle for stopping the hiccups

Here are some very tasty and sweet remedies against hiccups: honey, cocoa or chocolate.

A teaspoon of honey, cocoa or a piece of chocolate can easily and quickly stop the hiccups. Before swallowing, hold them in the mouth as long as it is possible, at the back of the tongue, which is normally the most sensitive to bitter things.

The following is an ice cube or one glass of ice water. The cold sensation in the mouth acts as a powerful stimulant of the inferior nerve, which can signal it to relax.

Put out your tongue and pull it forward as much as you can, this will have a similar effect.

And now something more unusual. Close your ears carefully by putting your index fingers in both ears and at the same time be careful not damage the eardrum. This helps because here passes the vagus nerve that goes from the brain to the stomach. So, again we have the nerve stimulation.

The second principle for stopping the hiccups

Since the hiccups stop when there is higher amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, you should apply some tricks for that.

The most famous is the so-called “retention of breath”. Close your mouth and nose as if you are about to jump into the pool. Hold your breath for as long as you can and the hiccups should stop soon. You can repeat this several times, of course by breathing with pauses.

The same effect is achieved if you breathe into a paper bag. Keep the opened part of the paper bag close to your face so that your mouth and nose are inside the bag, and breathe like this for a while.

Note: All of the above is enough to stop the common harmless hiccups. For persistent hiccups that will not stop with the help of these methods, consult a doctor in order to find and treat the more serious causes.

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