Lose 11 Pounds In 3 Months With “UnDiet”

Lose 11 Pounds In 3 MonthsAlthough its name is often wrongly associated with the Organization of the United Nations, Un comes from the English word – Un (No), therefore the meaning would be “no-diet”, or “without diet”.

Besides losing body weight, the goal of this diet is to cause changes in the metabolism which will prevent the regaining of weight. The diet lasts for 90 days and you can lose from 8 to 11 pounds. If you stop it early, there will be no changes in the metabolism.


The breakfast is the same during all 90 days – fruit. You always eat it in pairs (two apples, two pears, two oranges or a handful of small fruit). The diet always starts with a protein day, and after the fruit day there is again a protein day. The order of the days must not be changed.


Lunch – Meat (3 small steaks), a slice of bread, salad. In the end, two dl of soup without the noodles. Meat can be replaced by three eggs. Milk and cheese are allowed as well.

Dinner – The same as the lunch only without the soup. You should take into account that if there was meat for lunch, there must be meat for dinner as well. The same applies to eating eggs.


Lunch – Beans, peas, lentil, rice, potatoes (it must be boiled with some spices – pepper, ketchup, cooked tomatoes, oregano), a slice of bread and salad.

Dinner – The same as the lunch but in much smaller quantities, a plateful for lunch, and for dinner, you are allowed to eat half a plate.


Lunch – Cooked pasta with some spices, pizza only with ketchup or any salty pastry in the amount of one pizza.

Dinner – Two smaller pieces of cake or 3-4 cookies, 3 scoops of ice cream.  It is obligatory to eat a piece of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (cooking chocolate).


Lunch – Fruit

Dinner – Fruit


Three times during the diet (once per month), after the fruit day, you should have a water day. You can drink coffee and tea in unlimited quantities, but without any sugar. After the diet you can eat normally, but you should have fruit for breakfast in the following 90 days as well. The metabolism will be changed if you lose five kilograms during the following three months after the diet has finished.

If there are no changes, you should repeat the diet. If you need to lose more kilograms, you should repeat the diet after three months. Otherwise the shortage of some necessary ingredients may cause too much shock to the organism. You can speed up the metabolism by doing some aerobic exercises. But even if you speed it up, you should be careful not to regain your previous weight.

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