How to Lose Weight without Diet: 15 Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

15 Healthy Foods for Weight LossWe all know that when it comes to losing the extra weight, the key to the success is to reduce the calorie intake and increase the physical activity. But, if you remember the fact that the nature has always given us everything we need for a healthy life, you will also remember some of the well known foods that can help you in the realization of your dream, being slim.

These are foods that naturally and healthily accelerate our metabolism, reduce the feeling of hunger due to the large amounts of fibers that they contain, they stimulate and strengthen the nervous system by helping you to fight the stress so you will not constantly fall into the trap of overeating .

Besides all those positive effects, these miraculous foods also increase our physical capacity for the efforts that follow if we really want to lose weight.

1. Guarana

The guarana is a shrub or small tree from the family Sapindaceae, which grows in the forests of Venezuela and Brazil. The seed of this palnt is very easy stimulating for the central nervous system with thermogenic and diuretic effect which is the reason why the Guarani, the people of South America, chew it from ancient times.

The plant Guarana is rich in caffeine, oligo-elements and vitamins, enhances the reactive ability, concentration and metabolism. Because of its energy quality, it is also recommended to the athletes.

For centuries, the Amazonian Indians have used it because of its revitalizing properties and it is used in the refreshments because of the energy it provides.

Due to the high concentration of theobromine, it helps in the fight against stress, fatigue and nervosa. This ingredient also helps to burn fat and that is why you can find guarana in many products against the cellulite. It is also efficient in the reducing of the feeling of hunger and it eases the digestion as well.

However, you should also pay attention to some of the negative effects of the guarana. That is why it is important to adjust the dose to each person individually, depending on their tolerance to caffeine. You should not consume more than 2 to 5 grams of it a day because it can lead to palpation of the heart.

2. Guar Gum

The guar gum is a resinous gum polysaccharide, derivative of Indian beans that is obtained from the seeds of the plant Cyamopsis tetragonolob. In cold water it swells and creates a dense, moist gel that helps the lining of the intestines and slows their discharging. This produces a kind of a filter that slows the absorption of carbohydrates and thus reduces the amount of energy obtained  from the glucose.

It is important to point out that some of the biggest problems among the obese persons are hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance – two problems that appear as a consequence of very high blood sugar levels after taking certain carbohydrates in the organism.

The guar gum increases the peripheral insulin sensitivity in and reduces the insulin resistance, and that reduces the maximum levels of the blood sugar. Also, due to the high amount of fibers, it  gives a feeling of satiety that prevents you from eating too much.

3. Ginseng

The clinical studies have shown that the ginseng enhances the brain activity and one of its important effects is to improve the alertness of the brain functions at a higher level and thus to postpone the psychophysical fatigue. During the physical efforts, the ginseng saves the blood sugar in a way that encourages more intensive utilization of fatty acids, as well as burning of the extra fat in the process of creating energy for the work of the muscles.

The ginseng also enhances the function of the lungs by raising the concentration of oxygen in the tissues and thus controls the production of the lactic acid. This saves the muscles, so the muscle fatigue comes much later and less intensive and the recovery is much faster as well.

Attention: For those who suffer from high blood pressure and heart diseases it is recommended to consult their doctor before using the ginseng.

4. Flaxseed

The consumption of fats is essential for the functioning of the body, but if you do not want to gain weight, it is very important what kind of fats you consume, and the nutritionists recommend the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.

The combination of unsaturated fatty acids and fibers that are contained in the flaxseed is very helpful to your health because it reduces the level of the cholesterol in the blood and stimulates the digestion. When you also add the phytonutrient lignin with its anticancer properties, which is contained in the flaxseed in far greater quantities than in other foods, it is clear how they are beneficial to the human health. Scientists have found that the omega-3 fatty acids increase the chances of weight loss by as much as 37%. These seeds also contain mucus that swells when it comes in contact with the water in the stomach and gives you a feeling of satiety that will prevent you from overeating.

5. Ginger

The ginger has a powerful effect on the digestive system and the metabolism. It has calming effects on the stomach and reduces its acidity in a way that it increases the pH of the stomach acid. The result is a redcuced frequency of secretion of the gastric juice and increased effect of the enzymes that improve the digestion. The ginger also helps in the lowering of the cholesterol levels iand it dilutes the blood as well. It also stimulates  the salivation which eases the passage of food and plays an important role in the degradation of the starch.

6. Cinnamon

The cinnamon helps with indigestion, reduces the bad cholesterol and regulates the secretion of insulin in the blood and thus melts the fat. It is an excellent source of manganese, iron, copper and zinc, and it is rich in vitamins C and K as well. The regular consumption of cinnamon in the winter months increases the resistance of the organism. The combination of cinnamon and honey cleanses the digestive tract from parasites and bacteria that slow down the digestion and cause accumulation of toxins in the body.

7. Green tea

The green tea improves the digestion, helps in the burning of the fat and purifies the body from the toxins. It also speeds up the metabolism and the regular drinking of green tea every day can help in the weight loss by speeding up the metabolism, and thus it provides easier burning of the excess calories.

8. Yellow tea

Because of its proven effectiveness in the faster burning of the fats, the yellow tea is one of the most wanted drinks when the summer is coming, when we want to get rid of those extra pounds that we have accumulated the during the winter. It contains EGCG dietary enzyme, for which the studies have shown that it helps in the burning of the excess fat and increases the energy consumption that is required for digestion, absorption and metabolism of the food. Also, the EGCG stimulates the oxidation of the fats and thus reduces the supplies of fats.

9. Glucomannan

The glucomannan is a dietary fiber from the tubers of the Asian plant Amorphophallus konjac which is used to reduce the fats in the blood, thus lowering the cholesterol and triglyceride and regulating the blood sugar level. This fiber gives you a feeling of satiety because it swell in contact with the water in the stomach and takes a large amount of water. Connected with the water, the glucomannan also improves the bowel function and creates a natural gel. The gel softens the stool and thereby eases its passage through the intestines. It acts as a massage to the intestinal wall and helps to normalize the bowel movements.

10. Laminaria

Laminariabelongs to the family of algae and contains acid that cleans the body of toxins and absorbs twice the amount of water that increasesits volume and gives you a feeling of satiety. In addition, it has a slight laxative effect and partially prevents the absorption of fats and has effects on the blood sugar levels. Due to the presence of the iodine, the laminaria alga stimulates the work of the thyroid gland and speeds up the basal metabolism. This alga can be considered as a vitamin-mineral supplement during the weight loss because of the large amounts of minerals and vitamins it contains.

11. Chromium

The chromium was detected in the human metabolism as a part of the compound required to maintain normal levels of the blood glucose and the function of the insulin. The chromium as part of this compound acts synergistically with the insulin in order to allow the reception of the glucose and its entry into the cell. It also plays a role in other metabolic activities that depend on the insulin, in the metabolism of the lipids and proteins. It can be found in potatoes and whole grains.

12. Dandelion

The root of the dandelion is rich in inulin and it is very helpful in the process of weight loss, cleansing of the body of toxins, stimulating the work of the liver and the pancreas, and because of the flavonoids it has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Diuretics are the plants and healing resources that stimulate the kidneys to work harder or in other words, they stimulate the urination. The dandelion root is also helpful with diabetes,it regulates and lowers the blood sugar. So it is true: The dandelion is not only a weed in your yard.

13. Apple

The apple is a regular component of the diets when you want to lose weight, and there are several reasons. Thanks to the pectin it contains, insoluble fibers that swells in contact with water, the apple manages to create an additional feeling of satiety. In addition, it also contains fructose, the sugar that can lead to satisfying the desire for something sweet and that does not cause big changes in the concentration of glucose in the blood.

According to some new researches, the tannic acid contained in the apples has a significant effect on the metabolism of the fats and prevents their deposition in the liver. When you eat apples you also take a lot of water, vitamins and minerals, as well as fibers that help in the regulation of the stool.

14. Bitter Orange

The clinical studies have confirmed that the products for weight loss which containbitter orange have positive effects in this process. The main thing is an active ingredient synephrine, which shows a lipolytic activity in the fat cells. Also, the products that are based on the bitter orange accelerate the metabolism and thus show their ability to increase the temperature of the body.

15. Indian Bdellium or Guggul

Guggul is the sticky gum resin from the plant Commiphorawightii, a very well-known plant in the traditional herbal medicine of India.

It has been used since ancient times to control the obesity and to solve various digestive problems. It is considered as one of the best herbs for weight loss because it burns the fats and helps to lower the high blood cholesterol levels. It also improves the work of the thyroid gland because it stimulates it directly.

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