Magical Drink That Cures a Hundred of Diseases

red wine and garlic home remedyEvery person who takes care of its health should own this drink made of garlic, that cures a hundred of diseases . It is important to know that this drink does miracles to your health.

Besides that, it is useful in the elimination of the salt from the organism, improves the working ability of the organism, purifies the blood, improves the work of the immune system, the blood vessels and the heart.

Furthermore, it eliminates the fats and improves the metabolism. You can also use it for women’s diseases and inflammations and it cleans the entire organism from the bad deposits. The best thing is that you can make it by yourselves.


– Put 12 cloves of garlic in a jar, each clove should be cut into four pieces.

– Pour half a liter of red wine.

– Cover it and let it sit in the sun by the window for two weeks.

– You should stir it two or three times every day.

– After two weeks you should strain it and pour it into a dark bottle.


You should take one teaspoon of the drink three times a day during one month, and you can repeat the procedure after six months.

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