Magical Lotion That Eliminates Spots on Your Face

Magical Lotion That Eliminates Unpleasant Spots on Your FaceThe spots on the face are an unpleasant aesthetic issue, but you can eliminate them with this natural lotion with parsley as its main ingredient.

For this magical lotion you need 25 grams fresh parsley, 200 grams tap water and 300 grams of mineral water.

You need to boil the parsley in 200 grams of tap water. After the boiling, you should let the parsley cool off in a covered pot. After that, you should open the pot and let the carbon dioxide evaporate. This will take about 30 minutes.

When the carbon dioxide has evaporated, you should strain the cold parsley drink and add 300 grams of mineral water. You should keep this product in a dark bottle in a cold place.

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