How To Make Homemade Nettle Syrup and Treat Anemia Naturally

How To Make Homemade Nettle Syrup and Treat Anemia NaturallyIn folk medicine nettle is widely used which shows the great trust of the people in its medicinal value. It is used as a remedy against many diseases: fever, cough, jaundice, hemorrhaging from the nose, gonorrhea, hair loss prevention…

The nettle is a healing herb that helps with many diseases, it is especially recommended for people with kidney diseases and anemia.

You should collect the nettle from places where there are no toxins and fumes. If it is possible, in nature, at places which are at greater distances from roads and of course, you should use gloves.

For about three liters of juice, you need:

– 30-40 tops of young nettle
– 3 liters of cold water
– 5-6 citrus fruits by your choice (you can also make a combination of lemons, grapefruits, oranges)
– 1 kg of brown sugar, which you should add after you let the juice sit for some time.


Collect about 30-40 tops of young nettle (by top, we mean the top of the plant and 3-4 leaves under it). Then you should wash the nettle, as well as the citrus fruits, the choice is yours (oranges, lemons, grapefruits). Put the nettle and the chopped citrus fruits in the water. Cover the container and let it sit for 24 hours. The next day, you should mash the ingredients well with your hands and then strain it, and add the sugar. You should stir the syrup from time to time until the sugar is melted, usually the sugar melts within 24 hours. Then you should pour it in clean and dry bottles and keep them in a cold and dark place.

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