Miraculous Drink That Melts Your kilograms!

Miraculous Drink That Melts Your kilogramsAs you can see, the combination of these ingredients is not for all tastes, but everyone who has tried this drink guarantees that it certainly helps with the weight loss, but it also keeps a slim line.

Why is this “juice” so good for losing weight?

You must be wondering why this drink is so effective. The explanation is actually very simple. The ground pepper helps with the digestion of the food, helps the metabolism and stimulates the fat burning. The Capsaicin from the pepper stimulates the nervous system to produces heat in the organism that stimulates the accelerated burning of calories. The lemon juice slows down the deposition of fats, and its peel contains policosanol, a substance that helps in the elimination of the excess weight. In the end, the apple cider vinegar helps in the good distribution of the excess fats in the organism.

Do not get scared when you see the ingredients it contains. For this, according to some people, miraculous drink you need:

– One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

– A pinch of chili ground pepper

– Juice and peel of one lemon

Preparation: First grate the lemon peel and pour 240 ml of boiling water. Then, after ten minutes, add the lemon juice, the vinegar and the pepper. Stir before every sip and drink it before and after each meal.

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