Miraculous Potato Juice – Improves Digestion, Regulates the Blood Pressure and Strengthens the Blood

Miraculous Potato Juice – Improves Digestion, Regulates the Blood Pressure and  Strengthens the BloodVery often, people forget this natural remedy, although it can improve the health of the digestive system and alleviate symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea and heartburn, potato juice also reduces the level of the stomach acid.

It is recommended to use young and fresh potatoes for this juice. You should peel, wash and dry the potatoes. If you notice that there are small black dots on the potatoes, throw them away immediately. For this reason it is not recommended to use overripe potatoes, as well as those that are sprouting. Do not use them because they may contain toxic compounds that can harm your health. It is best to use raw potatoes because they will contain all the nutrients that may be lost during the thermal processing.

Many people do not like the taste of the potato juice, and in order to improve the taste you can add some fruit or vegetable of your choice. You can mix the potato juice with lemon, parsley, cucumber, carrots, celery, beetroot or apple. They will improve the taste of the potatoes and give you extra health benefits.

The most important benefits of the potato juice


The potatoes are an excellent source of iron and folic acid, which are essential in the production of red blood cells. For this reason, the potato juice can be used as an effective prevention or treatment of various forms of anemia.


The potatoes are a rich source of minerals, potassium and organic salts, that give this food excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Cut a slice of potato, together with the peel and soak it in a glass of water, and drink it in the morning before breakfast.


It can alleviate irritation, burns, rashes, redness or itching. You can apply the potato on the skin, cut into slices or as a juice. The effect will be the same.

Constipation and hemorrhoids

The boiled potatoes will soften your stool and stimulate the work of the bowels. It is great for relieving constipation, for preventing hemorrhoids and excessive work of the bowels.


The potato juice is most commonly used to relieve the symptoms of gastritis because it effectively reduces the level of the stomach acid. If you suffer from gastritis, you should drink half a glass of potato juice, 3-4 times a day for a period of one month.

High blood pressure

The potatoes are an excellent source of potassium, which helps in the reducing and regulating of the high blood pressure. The potassium will also reduce the risk of plaque buildup in the blood vessels.

Pain in the joints

The juice of raw potatoes is excellent for relieving pain in the joints, headaches and pain caused by arthritis.

Tired Eyes

The raw potatoes are an excellent solution for tired eyes. Apply potato slices on the eyes for at least 2 times a day. Your eyes will become rested, the potatoes will reduce the dark circles and the visibility of the dark spots.

Weight Loss

The belief that the potatoes are fattening is a myth. In fact, the potatoes are often prepared with oil, which causes the gaining of weight. Potatoes do not contain a lot of calories and therefore, they are excellent for weight loss. It is best to eat them boiled and season them with fresh herbs.

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