Morning Banana Diet

Morning Banana DietThis diet is characterized by the fact that the breakfast consists of a banana and warm water, and the forbidden foods are dairy products and alcohol.

The basic thesis of the inventors of this diet, a married couple from Japan, is that the breakfast of raw bananas and plain water at room temperature can contribute to a significant reduction of the kilograms,  no matter what you eat during the day.

The answer why this diet is effective is the fact that the bananas stimulate the digestion and speed up the metabolism. Another possibility lies in the type of starch that bananas have, it takes a long time to digest them, they make you feel full and partially block the absorption of carbohydrates.

They recommend that people who want to try this diet should have their evening meal before 8 o’clock, as well as to avoid sweets after dinner. In case you feel hungry, you are allowed to take a piece of fruit. And the last rule of this diet is to go to sleep before midnight.

Of course, if you want to fully comply with this diet, you should stick to the rules to eat as much as you need, or in other words, you should not overeat. The forbidden foods are dairy products and alcohol.

Example menu:


One or more bananas (the amount you need to keep you full) + a glass of warm water at room temperature.


A meal of your choice

Afternoon snack

It is allowed to take a small, sweet snack about 3 o’clock, if you feel hungry


A meal of your choice, which you must eat before 8 o’clock in the evening, without ant dessert!

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