Natural and Effective Recipes for Lotion Against Hair Loss

Natural Lotion Against Hair LossHair loss is not uncommon, and it is considered as one of the basic aesthetic issues nowadays. For those who have a problem with this, or are simply afraid of hair loss, the good news is that nature has a solution. Quite simply, you can make various lotions that prevent hair loss, whether it leads to baldness or not.

Some of these recipes have been known since ancient times and are especially popular among women because not only that they prevent the hair loss, but they also strengthen and feed the roots and the scalp. Whichever of these recipes for lotion against hair loss you choose, you will not go wrong. The result will be stronger hair, reduced hair loss and a healthy scalp.

Sage lotion

Boil 50 grams of hazelnut crust and 100 grams of sage in 1 liter of water. Cook it for 15-20 minutes, then strain it and let it cool off. Apply the prepared lotion every day by gently rubbing it in the scalp.

Nettle and chamomile lotion

Boil one liter of water and then add 15 tablespoons of dried nettle which you have previously chopped. If you do not have dried nettle, you can use filter bags of nettle tea. Remove it from the heat and let it sit covered for two hours. After that, heat the water and the nettle (do not let it boil) and add five tablespoon of chamomile flowers (if you do not have chamomile flowers, you can put filter bags of chamomile tea). Remove it from the heat and again let it sit for two hours. After that, strain it and add 300 ml of vinegar. Use the lotion every other day.

Nettle root lotion

Put 150 grams of nettle root in a jar and pour one liter of vinegar. Let it sit in the sun for eight days, shake it occasionally in order to mix the ingredients. Rub the lotion into the scalp while you massage it every day before you go to sleep.

Onion lotion

Although it has an unpleasant smell, the onion is excellent against hair loss. Mix the juice of two onions with a teaspoon of honey. Massage it into the scalp and leave it on the head for 30-60 minutes then wash the hair.

Nettle root lotion

Put ten tablespoons of nettle roots in a jar and pour homemade brandy or 70 percent alcohol. Cover it and let it sit for 30 days in the sun. Then strain it and pour it into a dark bottle. Use the lotion three times a week.

Tincture of nettle

Like in the previous recipe, put 10 nettle leaves in a jar and pour some olive oil so that the nettle is completely covered. Leave the mixture in the sun for 30 days, then strain it and pour it into a dark bottle. Rub the lotion into the scalp for about ten minutes and leave it on the head for about an hour and then wash your hair. Instead of nettle you can use rosemary, which is also excellent against hair loss.

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