Coffee and Lemon – Instant Cure for Diarrhea

Natural-Instant-Cure-for-DiarrheaDiarrhea is a common health problem, especially in summer. Regarding the fact that the most common cause for this is a virus, you must not drink antibiotics because they can only intensify the difficulties.

Due to the digestive difficulties, many people starve themselves in order to regulate the digestion temporarily, but the experts do not recommend that. It is necessary to eat so the body does not get too weak and they recommend French toast, bananas, rice, salted sticks etc.

However, you should avoid too greasy and too sweet food, as well alcoholic beverages, and as medicines you can use the following:

– Activated carbon which attaches impurities to itself and it is excreted undigested

– Probiotics, acidophilus

– Freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria (they are contained in some medicines available in pharmacies) which compensate for the loss of the so-called “good bacteria”.

Recipe for Home Remedy against Diarrhea

You probably have on hand the two ingredients for this old recipe that quickly soothes the stomach and the digestive difficulties. All you need is:

– 3 teaspoons of ground coffee

– two tablespoons of squeezed lemon

Mix these two ingredients until you get homogeneous mixture, and eat it. Flavor is quite bitter and sour, but it is bearable. Its worth trying, because of positive experiences of those who have tried it.

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