Natural Remedies Recommended by Doctors

What do the dermatologists use in case of burns? How do the dentists ease the pain? The doctors do not always have the remedy in their hands. Sometimes they have to improvise as with natural remedies. Here are some examples:

Natural Remedies Recommended by Doctors


“Gently clean your face with salt (antiseptic) and a few drops of “neem” oil,” says Dr. Hema Sundaram. Wash your face and then apply on it a mask of plain yogurt and keep it like that for 10 to 15 minutes. The lactic acid in the yoghurt, which is a natural peeling, gives glow to the skin, but also eliminates the acne and reduces the change of color of the fine lines.


Dr. Grannady Raskin, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Bastyr University, treats the diarrhea with herbal medicines.

“Tea from the peel of the Mediterranean rose hip helps to soothe the stomach,” said Raskin. The next time you buy pomegranate, take off the peel and leave it aside. You can keep it in a dry, dark place for up to six months. Put a teaspoon of it in 2 deciliters of boiling water, and wait 3 to 4 minutes. Let it sit for half an hour and then strain it. This will help in the production of mucus in the stomach and reduce the irritation. Drink 4-6 tablespoons a day.


“You can calm the toothache with clove. This ancient medical treatment works, “said Dr. Jack Dillenberg, dean of the School of Dental and Oral Health in Arizona.

Soak cotton in it and keep it on the tooth for a few minutes. This will calm the pain for some time, until you visit the dentist.

For quick soothing of the irritated skin

“Spray a little mineral water,” said Dr. Christopher Dannaker, professor of dermatology at the University of California in San Francisco. The studies have shown that the water is rich in minerals, or the spring water eases the pain from burns and rashes, and it is also used to treat redness and itching after a laser treatment.

Mosquito Bite

When you are attacked by mosquitoes, Dr. Dannaker reduces the swelling and itching with aspirin paste. Crush an aspirin and add some water in order to dissolve it. Then apply it on the affected area. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the redness of bites, stings, pimples and hair, because it contains salicylic acid, an active ingredient against acne.

You can find more simple tricks to reduce swelling and stop itching here.

Eczema and psoriasis

You can ease the eczema and psoriasis by using olive oil directly on the sore spot. Massage it with a teaspoon per a square inch, until the skin is dry. The olive oil does not contain chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin, and a large number of creams have it. If the problem is serious, you should skip this initial treatment and see a doctor.

Minor burns

“Whether you fell asleep in the sun, or you caught the wrong side of a dish, the smaller burns can be cured with a cold bandage of black or green tea“, says Dr. Marie Savard, professor in the medical school in Pennsylvania. Soak a cloth and apply it on the affected area and you will reduce the inflammation.

Do You Have Gases?

Many remedies in the pharmacies are actually mostly made up of sugar. Take peach fruit syrup. It helps against morning nausea, which can be caused by a big meal. Besides the syrup, a soda can do the work as well.

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