Parsley Detox Tea for Quick Kidney Cleanse

Parsley Detox Tea for Quick Kidney Cleanse1. Take a handful of leaves of parsley or coriander, rise well above the running water and cut into chunks.

2. Put into a large pan; cover them with water, so that the leaves are covered, not more than that.

3. Place the pan on fire and let it boil and cook for about ten minutes.

4. Remove it from the heat, cover and leave it to cool down.

5. Strain the liquid from the pot and put it in a cool place (refrigerator) but not too long.

Drink a glass once a day, not more than that.

Tea can be a little bit stronger if we leave it covered at least thirty minutes before straining the liquid.

After a few days use of this natural remedy, it will clean the kidneys from all deposited toxins, and you’ll notice a change of the color in the urine.

You need to be careful if you have severe kidney stones. This drink can push them and while they are passing through from the urethra to the clog they can make complication. In this case, you will need medical help.

This drink is advisable to drink as a regular detox, up to twice a month. It relieves menstrual problems and relieves unpleasant cramps.

Tea made from parsley is forbidden for all pregnant women!

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