Quite simply, 4 Easy Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

women breathingWe spend long working hours at work with our shoulders hunched over computers, checking emails with lightning speed, and it’s no wonder that we don’t have time even to breathe.

But breathing is more important than ever before. Deep breathing should not only be reserved for yoga and meditation; it has to be an essential tool in our life, explains Judy Martin, a journalist who founded WorkLifeNation.com, a page dedicated to the fight against stress at work.

Breath is the force that holds us in human form, it is the fuel that helps us to manage stress, and the spark of ignition for the creative impulse. In the new working era, there are so many things that are beyond of our control, and it is important to understand that breathing is the only thing we can control.

The channeling breath helps us to be aware of where we focus our attention and to be able to interact with our colleagues. Awareness is triggered when the breath cultivates. Deep and slow breathing help in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and give a signal to the brain which releases hormones that make you calm. This creates an atmosphere in which we make better decisions.

Breathing opens a gate to the silent space within each of us. Here are four easy breathing exercises for stress relief on natural way:

1. Morning breathing

Set an alarm for 10 minutes before, sit in a comfortable position in bed and keep your eyes closed. Open your mouth and loud inhale and exhale three times deep in the abdomen. You are going to sound like Darth Vader. Then close your mouth and continue to inhale and exhale for several minutes. Open your eyes and breath in the silence.

2. Breathing while driving

When you are driving to work, try to notice your breath. If you’re stuck in traffic, stress increases and breathing becomes shallow. Breathe in through your nose and count to three, hold for a moment and exhale on three. Repeat this couple of times, and you will notice stress decreasing.

3. Breathing for raising energy in the middle of the day

By the midst of the day, we have a lot of stale air. Sit up straight, open your mouth and from the sound of breathlessness exchanging short breaths in and out like a puppy. Close your mouth and continue this pace allowing breathing air to pass through the back of the throat and the inside and outside of the nose. Do this for 10 seconds, pause and repeat. If you are dizzy, stop the exercise.

4. Breathing for the end of the working day

To finish the day, stand up on a chair. Close your eyes, and let your attention be directed to the base of the spine. Imagine that there is a pool of white lava. Breathe from your diaphragm and assume that you are sitting there. Start to breathe from the diaphragm, with each exhalation, and the white lava climbs upward. Imagine that spreads in the space just below the belly, rising in the stomach, continue to the heart, the throat, the area between the eyebrows, head, and then poured over the crown of the head back towards the spine and would start to rise again.

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