Real Story: How I Cured Cancer in Only Two Days

honey and gingerThis is real story from a woman from Bosnia, which had cancer of the endocrine glands, and she was attached to a machine for about 20 days. She managed to heal herself without surgery and chemotherapy and now, she claims that she is bursting with health.

The recipe is based on ginger and honey and it brought her back in life in only a couple of days, without any pain.

In order to prepare this product you need two bigger ginger roots, you should clean and grate them finely with an electric shredder. Then you should mix the finely grated ginger with half a kilogram of pure natural honey.

Pour this mixture into jars and take one tablespoon three or four times a day (Note that tablespoon must be wooden, ceramic or plastic. Metal spoon is strictly prohibited).

The first effects appear only after couple of days (two or three days). According to the words from this woman, this product brings people back from the dead.

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