Do You Recognize These 5 Early Warning Signs of Liver Disease?

Early Warning Signs of Liver Disease

Changes in the skin, urine or stool, abdominal pain, and fatigue are some of the early warning signs of liver disease.

Skin changes

One of the earliest signs that indicate liver problems are sudden changes in the skin. This may include loss of normal skin color or appearance of a yellowish tinge to the skin and also can occur yellowish nails. To these symptoms comes because liver does not discarding toxins from the body as it should, so bilirubins pile up under the skin.

Itching or oversensitive skin

Early signs of liver problems may occur inside the skin. This means itchy skin that getting worse or skin becomes more sensitive to touch and easily inflamed. Keeping the skin moist with moisturizing creams to these areas may relieve these symptoms, but you should also check for liver problems.

Changes in urine and stool

In some people changing of the urine color can be symptom of liver disorder. When the color of the urine becomes darker first suspicion falls on dehydration, but if it continues even if you get enough fluids in the body, it is probably related to liver. Also, you can get change of the color of the stool which may be pale, bloody or colored tar.

Abdominal Changes

Cramps or pain in the lower abdomen and the occurrence of gas and the pressure in the stomach, may be an early sign of disorder of the liver. If by the time the problem is getting worse, it can develop and ascites. It is a building up of fluid inside the abdomen which can be expressed as pressure for the lungs and can cause problems in breathing. If it’s a case, than the doctors must perform a paracentesis to remove fluid from the abdomen.


Weakness, fatigue or chronic fatigue can also be an early sign of liver problems. The body then needs more rest. If you feel weakness and fatigue along with any of above listed symptoms, you should seek for medical help.

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