Do You Recognize the 8 Early Signs of Diabetes

Early Signs of DiabetesMany people are not aware of the early signs of diabetes. If the disease develops, the risk of many health complications is increased – from heart attack and stroke to Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer of the pancreas.

In fact, very often, people find out they have diabetes after they have experienced a stroke or heart attack. Dr. Bradley Bale, from Grace Clinic, Texas, explains: “Many attribute this to bad luck or coincidence, but in fact, about 70 percent of the heart attacks have the same cause as diabetes type 2 – insulin resistance.”

If you notice early signs of diabetes, you can protect yourselves from this disease and avoid dangerous complications on time.

1. High blood pressure

The resistance to insulin is the main cause for high blood pressure (140/90 or more).

2.Wide waist

Even if your weight is in the normal range, for men it is dangerous if their waist is wider than 100 cm, and for women if it is wider than 88 cm. It is necessary for you to start doing some exercises.

3. Unhealthy gums

People with periodontal disease are more likely to have higher blood sugar levels.

4. Damaged hearing

Higher sugar levels which damage the nerves and blood vessels through the whole body, can also damage your hearing. Diabetics have 2.6 times more common damaged hearing.

5.Erectile Dysfunction

This is caused by damage of the blood vessels in the genitals.

6. Frequent infections

In women, the common fungal infections are among the major signs of early diabetes. Usually, this is because the sugar stimulates the growth of bacteria.

7. Higher levels of triglycerides

Increased lipid levels are often associated with insulin resistance. And low levels of the good HDL cholesterol, is a risk factor as well.

8. Intense hunger and thirst

These and the frequent urination are typical symptoms of diabetes. However, they do not occur in the early phase.

Do you feel well?

Diabetes can be unnoticeable. Symptoms may start to appear relatively late, but when irreparable damage has been done. If you suspect diabetes, you should see a doctor and check the blood sugar levels regularly. Do not miss the annual physical examination.

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