Is Your Blood Sugar Level Normal? Check These Symptoms!

How To Recognize Increased Blood Sugar LevelsDiabetes is a complex metabolic disorder, present in all continents. It is believed that genetic disposition to the disease has approximately 25 percent of people, and of great importance for the occurrence of the disease are immobility, obesity, and chronic stress.

State of chronic hyperglycemia, increased glucose, is caused by the action of genetic factors and a number of environmental factors, which mostly operate associated. Diabetes is caused by absolute and relative insulin deficiency, leading to the disorder of metabolism of sugars, fats and proteins.

Before diabetes is clinically manifested, in the majority people there is a state of pre-diabetes or insulin resistance. This is the stage at which the blood glucose is increased compared to the normal, but the amount of insulin is sufficient, or even more increased.

Exactly this phase is important because the occurrence of diabetes can be delayed or even avoided by a significant change in lifestyle. But most of the people pass this phase without knowing that their blood sugar level is high. Regular one-year medical control is sufficient to timely detect disorders.

Symptoms of high blood sugar levels

A few but significant symptoms that indicate possible pre-diabetes are:

– Strong thirst
– Frequent urination
– Blurred vision
– Fatigue without apparent cause

Risk factors that indicate an increased risk of pre-diabetes are:

– Age over 45 years
– Overweight (BMI over 25)
– Genetic factor – one of the parents or brothers / sisters suffering from diabetes
– Physical activity – sedentary lifestyle
– Previously recorded elevated blood sugar
– Diabetes in pregnancy or a child born with a birth weight of 4.5 kg or higher
– Fats, cholesterol (especially condition when LDL (bad cholesterol) is above normal and good HDL cholesterol is below normal).
– Diseases and disorders of the blood vessels

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