Recognize the Danger of Stroke and Save Someone’s Life

Recognize the Danger of Stroke and Save Someone's LifeAt a party, a girl stumbled and fell down. They offered to call an ambulance, but she convinced everyone that she is good and that she fell down because of the new shoes when she stepped on a small stone.

She was pale and she was shivering, they helped her to clean up and brought her a new plate of food. The girl spent the rest of the evening cheerful and in a good mood. Her husband later called everyone and told them that she was in a hospital. At 23 pm that night … the girl died.

At the dinner with her friends she had one, and later another fatal stroke. If her friends knew how to read the signs of the stroke, the might have been alive today.

Some people do not die on the spot. Often, they remain in a hopeless condition, waiting for help.

It only takes a minute to read the following…

A neurologist said that he can remove the consequences of the stroke if he meets the person concerned within three hours. He says that the trick is to recognize the stroke, to diagnose and treat the patient within three hours, but it is not simple.

The stroke should be recognized! Here is how:

There are four steps that you need to follow in order to identify the stroke:

  1. Ask the person to smile (they will not be able to do that)!
  2. Ask the person to say a simple sentence (for example: “Today is a beautiful day.”) It will be difficult for them to say that!
  3. Ask the person to raise both arms (they will not be to do that or they can do it only partially)!
  4. Ask the person to stuck out the tongue (if the tongue is bent and it swings from side to side, it is also a sign of a stroke)!

If the person has a problem with one of the above steps, call the Emergency immediately and describe the symptoms of the person.

A cardiologist said, if I tell this information to 10 people, we can be sure that a life – possibly ours – can be saved.

It is also useful to help the person and let a few drops of blood from their thumb, the index finger or the finger next to it, with previously disinfected needle or scissors, immediately after it happened.

On the East, that method is known as “SU YOK” therapy (described as the first step in the treatment of a stroke).

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