Say Goodbye to the Allergy – Tea That Prevents Allergies

Tea That Prevents AllergiesIf you have problems with a variety of allergies, try to solve the problems with tea. We present you a mix of herbs that will help you to fight the allergies and improve your immunity.

Everyone is allergic to a different type of pollen, and it is a real little problem. The season is divided from February to March when there is allergy to the pollen of the trees. April brings an allergy to grass, while October is responsible for an allergy to the weeds.

Gently mix the following herbs, so that they will not release the essential oils. In order to prepare it you should put one tablespoon of this mixture in a cup of boiling water. Cover it and let it sit for 15 minutes.


  • 2 cups of dried nettle leaves
  • 2 cups of green tea
  • 1 cup of dried rose hip

The mixture of these herbs allows your body to get an extra dose of vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent antioxidant. Put the tea in a jar or tin and keep it in a cold and dark place.

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