Signs on Your Face Can Reveal Possible Diseases

Signs on Your Face Can Reveal Possible DiseasesEven the ancient Greek medicine has discovered all information about the condition of the organism from the face of the people. However, you should not play the role of a doctor and give yourselves diagnose and therapy, but contact a professional who can give you the best advice.

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? Are you suffering from painful acne or extra hair on your face? Maybe these are not just aesthetic problems. Look at your face in the mirror for some time and you will be able to read the health condition of your body. As the ancient Chinese medicine says, our face contains all important information that tell us how our internal organs work. The orthodox medicine has gone a step forward and uses all those signs on your face in order to diagnose a certain disease. Here are some classic examples of how to interpret the signs on the face.

Acne on the forehead

Even the ancient Chinese claimed that the forehead is associated with the digestive system, and the area between the eyebrows with the liver. There can be various causes for acne in this area, from dirty bedclothes or skin and hair, to the consumption of high fat foods. In order to calm the pimpled forehead, try to eat appropriate food, drink plenty of fluids. If you cannot calm the rash and pimples, test your tolerance to foods that you consume daily. Maybe you are allergic to some of that.

Black and baggy circles under your eyes

Dark or baggy circles under the eyes are usually inborn however, if they are excessive or suddenly start to swell, you should see a doctor immediately. The area under the eyes is associated with the kidneys, so the changes can be caused by dehydration or increased levels of toxins. In order to improve this condition, drink more water and reduce your intake of salt, and alcohol and caffeine as well. The black circles are also associated with anemia.

Pimply cheeks

If we exclude the aesthetic problems, pimples on the cheeks can indicate bad work of the lungs, especially in the case of smokers, people suffering from asthma or people prone to allergies. Broken or enlarged capillaries are also common, but they do not indicate disease, they are mainly an aesthetic problem, especially in women. In this case, you should avoid sun exposure and eating spicy food. Many people solve this problem with enlarged capillaries on the face by some creams or laser surgery.

Painful “lumps” on the chin and jaw

Subdermal pimples on the chin and jaw usually occur during the menstrual cycle of women. However, if the pimples in this area are common and painful and give your face an unpleasant lumpy look with no signs of withdrawal, it can be a clear symptom of hormonal or endocrine disorders. You must check your hormones, especially if you also have some other symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles.

Unusual color of the tongue

According to the ancient Chinese medicine, our tongue is like our health records from which you can read the state of the body, and some people can even establish diagnosis based on the color of the tongue. Therefore, if you have a sore and very red tongue, this could indicate anemia. The blue discoloration of the tongue could indicate a lack of oxygen. White spots on the tongues of smokers may indicate a – precancerous condition!

Increased hairiness

Increased hairiness (hirsutism) in women can be quite frustrating, especially if it affects the face. Like the acne on the chin and jaw, this condition could also indicate some endocrine disorder. One of the most common of these disorders in women is polycystic ovaries, and besides hairiness, this can be also indicated by the tendency to gaining weight and irregular menstrual cycles.


As an old saying says, those who have a lot of moles will be rich. But this has nothing to do with the truth. However, no matter how unpopular moles are, if you check them, control them and protect them from excessive exposure to UV rays regularly, they are a good omen. At least this is what the London researchers say, based on their researches they claim that people with more moles, also have stronger bones and are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis. It sounds incredible, just like the results that suggest that people who have a lot of moles are less prone to eye and heart disease. So if the science says so…

Therefore, if you recognized some of these “signs” in yourselves and you cannot eliminate them, you should not play the role of a doctor and give yourselves diagnose and therapy, but as soon as you can, contact a professional who can give you the best advice on how to improve your health on time.

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