Simple Tricks and Tips How to Speed up Your Metabolism!

speed uo your metabolism

Sometimes it seems that the needle on the scale has stopped at one place and the diet is no longer effective. Whether you do exercises, eat less or perform new tricks, simply there is no movement and it is frustrating because you really do everything you can.

Maybe you have fallen into a trap of the diet or simply your metabolism has slowed down due to the strict diet, which is not so rare.

The metabolism is usually slowed down due to some external or internal factors, and you can affect on both of these factors because they are caused by the everyday habits, and it is difficult to lose them.

Here are a few tips how to speed up your metabolism and how to move the needle on the scale with some small, but not less important tricks.

1. Morning

The first and basic rule of healthy life, not just of a diet, is not to skip the breakfast. Make it a habit that before work, you eat well in the morning. So, make sure you have enough time to prepare a nice breakfast in order to avoid the moment when, on the way to work, you stop at a nearby bakery and buy cupcakes.
The breakfast should be consisted of proteins which will keep you fed for a long time, complex carbohydrates that your organism will also process longer and the allowed, we will call them, healthy fats. An example of such a breakfast would be tuna sandwich with whole wheat bread or scrambled eggs from one egg yolk and two egg whites, prepared in vegetable oil. With the scrambled eggs you are allowed to eat a slice of whole wheat bread. As a third idea for an ideal breakfast, you can also choose cereal with milk or yoghurt.
It has been proven that the coffee, besides the fact that it will keep you awake, speeds up the metabolism by stimulating the central nervous system, speeding up the heart rate and respiration. Certainly, this does not mean that you should exaggerate with the coffee because more than two cups of coffee a day can harm your health.
In addition to coffee, it is recommended to drink water. A glass of cold water, although it is bad for the throat, is good for speeding up the metabolism because it needs time to warm it up to body temperature, and that takes energy. Therefore, in addition to cleaning the body and helping the hydration, the water will also help you to burn calories.

2. At work

At work, at lunch break you should choose food rich in protein, which will make you feel fed for longer period, so you will not have to reach for unhealthy snacks rich in calories during the huger attacks. Eat chicken or turkey breast prepared in a little vegetable oil or boiled with low fat cheese.
With this meal, the best choice is to drink a cup or two of unsweetened green tea. The green tea contains components that help your organism to burn 50 calories just by drinking it. 50 calories a day is not much, but if you consider this number for a period of one year, the result is 10 kilograms less just by drinking 2-4 cups of green tea a day. Drink it hot and with no sweeteners.
3. Shopping
When you go shopping, try to buy organic food, not unhealthy food. It has been proven that some types of pesticides used in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, besides being toxic they also contribute to gaining weight.
Besides the usual spices that you use, switch to buying and using hot peppers, chili, pepper etc. They burn calories by speeding the work of your central nervous system. Add them to tomato sauces, on pizza or in salads.
Females are more prone to loss of iron and anemia due to the menstrual bleeding every month, and the iron is essential for the transport of oxygen to all cells including the muscles, which in this case store energy. Eat more green leafy vegetables, beans, broccoli and spinach with the inevitable vitamin C, which helps the absorption and it is contained in citrus fruits, parsley, berries, etc.

4. During exercises

Although you do exercises every day, you do not notice difference in your body weight? Your weight is increased due to increased muscle mass, and if you want to be sure that you have burned calories, you should do exercises for different muscle groups, different time intervals and aerobic exercises. Do not get stuck only in the gym, but ask the coach which exercises are the best for losing weight and the way you should combine them.
While you lift weights, slow down, in this way the muscles spend more and sometimes it takes them up to 72 hours after training to return to the initial state, and this process requires more energy and faster work of the metabolism!
Some scientists have proven that consuming fish oil while you exercise regularly accelerates the activity of the enzymes responsible for burning fat.

5. At home

At home, you should prepare a meal of oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help the work of the brain and the nervous system, and in addition, it is rich in vitamin D, which will preserve your muscle tissue and speed up your metabolism.
The last, but not the least important, tip is to sleep regularly for a period of 8 h at night in order to keep the normal levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin, responsible for the regulation of the appetite and the distribution of energy, and thus maintaining the work of the metabolism at the same level.

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