Skin Care During Winter – Home remedies for Beautiful Skin

When the outside temperature drops, and you begin to heat your home, the skin feels like it is under attack from everywhere. The low humidity and winter habits like hot baths can cause our sensitive skin to break, to start peeling and to become very itchy. The damaged skin makes us more vulnerable to infections because the dry skin breaks and creates small wounds that are the ideal place for collecting bacteria.

Skin Care During Winter

In winter, those who are employed usually go to work and return home in the dark. We do not use even the daily minimum of light during the day, and during this winter period the skin need the fresh air and the light.

If the skin feels cold, it reacts with redness and it is irritated, it is peeling and has the unpleasant feeling of itching, tingling and the feeling of tightness. Of course, there is more or less sensitive skin, but these are some of the signs by which our skin shows that the winter is not really its most pleasant season.

The skin becomes too sensitive when it lacks its natural protection that is provided by the hydro-lipid layer on its surface. Without this layer, the skin is not able to defend itself from the many harmful and aggressive environmental influences.

Some types of skin are prone to unpleasant changes, partly because of inherited inclinations or because of long-term exposure to harmful effects of the external factors. Then there is a disturbance of the balance of the natural hydro-lipid barrier, the skin cannot retain water on the surface, it loses the softness and the smoothness and becomes very sensitive, and the inadequate care can lead to premature aging of the skin.

Such skin is dry because it loses its moisture and it becomes irritated.

You should choose the products for protection of the skin very carefully and with understanding. It does not mean that something that is good for one person should be good for you as well. You are the one who knows your skin the best and you will know what is good for it and at the end, you will also notice the changes on the skin no matter if they are good or bad.

If you have sensitive skin, you must never use ordinary soap because they generally contain irritating substances. Also, the frequent use of hot water can be very harmful, because the hot water leads to weakening of the hydro-lipid layer on the surface of the skin and intensively removes the lipid material from the surface of the skin. Do not scrub your face, just lightly touch it with a towel or gentle napkins.

All the products you use for taking care of the skin must have deep effects. The products must contain as few preservatives as possible and make sure they do not contain perfume. This does not mean that now you should not use cosmetic products because they could potentially cause a violent reaction on your skin, on the contrary, the skin needs care, no matter whether it is more or less sensitive, but as we mentioned above, it is very important to choose appropriate products.

Here we will present some of the natural products because the nature always has a cure for everything. The only question is whether we use it or we truly became a real consumer society that after watching the commercial break buys the products that might not be good for us, but we identify with the promotion of these products.

Masks of carrots for dry skin

Grate two carrots and squeeze them well. Add half of the egg yolk and two drops of olive oil in the carrot juice. Mix everything well. Apply the mask on the clean face, avoid the area around the eyes and keep it on the face for 15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

Mix the chopped and grated carrots with three tablespoons of fresh cheese and a tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Apply the prepared mixture on the face, the neck and chest, and after 15 minutes wash yourselves with warm water.

Pasta for a dry skin

The wind and the cold dry the skin and it needs additional care. Take one egg yolk, olive oil and lemon juice and prepare a paste that you will apply on the neck and the face. Keep it like that for ten minutes and then wash yourselves with water. You can do this whenever you feel that your skin needs it.

Mask of Aloe Vera for tired and sensitive skin

Peel a fresh cucumber and grate it finely. Add two to three tablespoons of cream and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Apply the mask, keep it like that for 15 minutes and wash your face with cold water and gently wipe it.

Cracked lips

The lips are the decoration of every female face, and unfortunately they can really crack and become very sensitive, especially if you stay outdoors for a long time. The lips break easily because they do not have sebaceous glands, and therefore they do not have a protective layer of fat. The low temperatures and the wind dry out the skin, and the cold slows down the blood flow in the exposed areas.

The lips can also crack if you moist them too often and thus provide a short relieve. But in this way you can only make the cracking worse and also enhance the irritation on the lips.

Honey balm

This balm is used to soften the dry lips and to protect them from cracking. In order to prepare the balm you need honey and lavender water. Mix two tablespoons of honey and 5 drops of lavender water. Apply a thick layer of the balm on the lips before going to bed and leave it during the night. You should keep the balm in a well closed container.

Wax for protection of the lips


  • 10 g of bees wax
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil

Melt the wax on steam, add the almond oil, honey and the lavender oil. Stir until you get an equal mixture, let it cool off and pour it into a glass container with a lid. You should add a bit more of the lavender essential oil. Then put in the refrigerator. Apply this mixture on the lips that are cracked from the wind and the cold.

For soft hands

You will soften your hands if you rub them with half a sour apple and let the apple juice act for a few minutes, and then wash the hands with warm water.

Cracked skin

If your skin is cracked, the nature offers the following … Put five tablespoon of finely chopped nettle leaf in 100 g of melted pig fat. Cook this mixture on steam and apply it on the cracked skin several times during the day. Before every application of the mixture, you should gently wipe the skin with warm chamomile. You should repeat the treatment at least 5 days in a row.

How to Protect Your Skin on Winter Vacation

How to Protect Your Skin on Winter Vacation

In winter, you usually use the vacation to go in the mountains on the snow. When it comes to the skin it is very important to follow some advice when you are in the mountains, as well as in the city in order to pass the winter as painlessly as possible and not to spoil this beautiful season because of problems with the skin.

If you go to the mountains, be careful in the sun; let your skin get used to it in the fresh air and the plenty of light. You should certainly use sunscreen products that will protect your skin from the cold air, and such creams should contain special filters as protection from the sun. In this way you will also avoid the freckles and the stains on the skin. If you stay on the snow, when you get indoors you should clean the face thoroughly and apply thick layer of cream that contains large quantities of vitamin E.

If there are expanded or visible capillaries on your face, then you need special protection before going out and you should definitely avoid sudden temperature changes.

During the winter months, you should carefully nurture the skin around the eyes as well. It is thin and fragile and has very few sebaceous glands. Recently, many people have an allergy to the cold that is manifested with watery eyes and squinting. Therefore, you should use creams that are specially made for that area of the face. You should use the cream in the morning and in the evening after you have cleaned the face.

The day cream for the area around the eyes is usually a kind of fine, creamy gel that is absorbed quickly, and the night cream is made as regenerative. You should certainly wear sunglasses, no matter how strange it seems to you or to the others. If you go skiing, you should use skiing glasses that are made for that purpose. When you go skiing, do not burden the skin with makeup, apply a face cream and let it rest.

In this period you should pay special attention to the care of the lips. There are only a few people that can use only a fine lipstick, because sometimes even creams are not enough. In order to protect the lips, you should use creams and ointments for very dry lips, because in this way you will avoid the burning and the bleeding from the lips.

When you go to the mountain, you should let your skin rest from all the makeup, just like you are resting. You will see that after the rest and fresh air, you will be more beautiful than ever.

Also, you should avoid the use of perfumes. Be careful because you can never know how your skin may react to the perfumes and the strong winter sun. You should also protect your hands from the cold, use protective creams in thick layers, especially in the morning and in the evening, and of course use gloves.

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