St. Hildegard’s Famous Natural Home Remedies

St. Hildegard's Famous Natural Home RemediesSt. Hildegard of Bingen was born in 1098 in Germany and she was a very significant woman of her time. This Benedictine prophetess, writer and composer has written a lot of valuable pieces in the fields of medicine, psychology, poetry, music, theology, psychotherapy and divine vision.

Her recipes were a secret for 800 years, until doctor Gottfried Hertzka came in Konstanz while he was running away from the Nazis.

He was the first man who read the books of Hildegard. It took him 20 years to translate the books from Latin into German, and thus he gave the world many valuable cures.

About eight and a half centuries after the death of this saint, the science confirmed the effects of the cures, which Saint Hildegard learned through visions.

Although she never practiced medicine, she left records of 2 000 healing products. Her holistic approach saw the man as a whole. She sent a message to the people:

Many of you look for cures, but it is important to start from yourselves, because many of your physical diseases are manifestations of your mental injuries. Forgive and move on.

Here are some of the famous natural home remedies from St. Hildegard:

Parsley wine

The parsley wine is a known cure even for the heaviest heart diseases, rheumatic pain and weakness of the heart, especially for the elderly.

Boil ten parsley leaves, a liter of organic wine and two tablespoons of vinegar. Boil it for five minutes. Remove it from the heat, add the honey and boil it again. You should drink a small glass of it, three times a day before meals.

In the case of palpitations, you can take larger quantities, until the heart is calm.

Spicy mixture of fennel

This recipe is good for protection of the health and recovery after a serious illness or surgery.

It cures the respiratory diseases, prevents the heart diseases and makes the skin more beautiful. It has been proven that it relieves the digestive problems and strengthens the immunity.

The dittany is one of the ingredients, which is known among the people as the cleaner of the arteries, and also there is mouse-ear hawkweed, which strengthens the heart.

Mix equal amounts of fennel, galangal, mouse-ear hawkweed and dittany. Add two to three pinches of the mixture in 20 ml of water and drink it after lunch.

Duckweed Elixir

This unique anticancer tonic is supposed to protect against a number of autoimmune diseases, cancer and rheumatism.

Usually those diseases begin by secondary symptoms such as weak immunity, heart pain, colds, stomach problems and pain throughout the whole body.

Hildegard considered these conditions as a beginning of cancer.

It is better to buy the elixir, because it is difficult to prepare it, but it is certainly worth mentioning the ingredients.

It contains ginger, cinnamon, sage, fennel, pepper, duckweed, grass of tormentil (Potentilla erecta), field mustard, wild cleavers (lady’s bedstraw), honey and wine.

You should take a big sip of the elixir before breakfast and before going to bed. You should use the cure for about three months, then you should make a break of two months, and then start drinking it again for three months.

If this elixir is suitable for the treatment of their disease, the person who is affected will notice the positive effects very soon.

Biscuits for calming the nerves

In order to fight the stress, Saint Hildegard recommended wearing a necklace of chalcedony, a glass of mulled wine and these cookies made from cinnamon and wheatgrass flour.


45 g of nutmeg

45 g Ceylon cinnamon

10 g of clove powder

1.5 kg of wheatgrass flour

375 grams of butter ghee

300g of muscovado sugar

300 g of sweet almonds

4 tablespoons of sour cream

½ teaspoon of salt

Make the dough quickly from the above mentioned ingredients and let it sit for 30 minutes. Make biscuits from it, about three millimeters thick. Bake them at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Practical advices

We give you some practical advices for treating common problems that St. Hildegard wrote in her books.


You should add thyme in every meal during four weeks.


In the evening, you should eat apples rolled in poppy seeds.

Internal bleeding

You should drink yarrow powder in warm water.

Urinary tract diseases and disorders

You should drink tea prepared from sage leaves.

Liver damage, problems with breathing, chest pressure

You should drink three liqueur glasses of lavender wine for two to four months every day.


You should use the curly mint in your meals more often, and also enrich you diet with wheatgrass.

Bone fracture, osteoporosis

You should eat a tablespoon of roots of broadleaf plantain with honey, once a day, before meals.

Vomiting, vomiting during pregnancy

You should eat wheatgrass cookies with anise.

Scabby on the head, bacterial or fungal infections of the scalp

Several times a day, for three days, you should sprinkle on the head and gently massage it with dried powder of a crust of pure rye bread.

On the third day, you should wash your hair and massage some olive oil into it. You should repeat the process until it is healed.

You can find these and many other recipes in her book “Hildegard Street Pharmacy”.

The diet is important for healing

Even in her time, Hildegard already knew what many doctors cannot understand even today – that the diet is one of the most important factors for the healing and prevention.

The science confirms what Hildegard described 850 years ago. With a proper diet based on wheatgrass, fruit and vegetables, you can prevent tumors and other serious diseases in 40-55% of the cases.

Therefore, we should not leave the choice of ingredients to the chance.

The main principles of Saint Hildegard:

Have a moderate and modest life

Eat natural foods and use healing plants

Hold on to the universal spiritual principles

Due to her achievements, on 7 October 2012, Pope Benedict XVI declared Hildegard as a Doctor of the Church.

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