With St. John’s Wort Tea Against Women’s Diseases

St. John’s Wort TeaSt. John’s wort (perforatum) has been known for a long time and it is a very popular plant due to its various effective usages. It is used to treat the increased amounts of slime in the lungs, stomach cramps, for blood coagulation, against diseases of the kidneys, the liver, the spleen and the bladder.It is especially recommended against uncontrolled urination. When mixed with other healing plants, this herb is excellent against cough and asthma.

St. John’s wort tea is a great remedy against women’s diseases. It is especially recommended for uterine cramps, inflammation of the uterus and menstrual difficulties. If you add some aloe vera to St. John’s wort tea, it will be especially good for the liver.

It’s recommended to all young people during the puberty, because it has a calming effect on the initial sexual sensitivity. People have always appreciated St. John’s wort, because it is often used externally against cuts, burns, hemorrhoids, for healing wounds, as well as an antiseptic, and it is internally used against pains in the liver, the stomach, against diarrhea etc.

The multiple usage of this plant is due to its complex chemical formula. When you use the oil, you should clean the wounds, cuts, burns and other wounds with it, or you should put gauze or a clean cloth in it and then apply it on the wound. The essential oil made from St John’s wort is used against the intestinal parasites, and it’s also good for the treatment of mild depression.

Preparation and Use

Take one tablespoon of the dried herb with its flowers and pour boiled water, cover the pot and let it sit for 5 minutes. You should drink the tea while it is warm, one small cup in the morning on an empty stomach and one small cup in the evening before you go to sleep.

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