Summer Watermelon Diet – 5 Days Diet Plan

Summer Watermelon DietThe watermelon can help you to lose weight, but if you decide to detoxify the organism with watermelon, it is best if the detoxification lasts for 9-13 days.

These vegetable helps in the weight loss by deceiving the hunger and because it has beneficial effect on the digestive system. In addition, the watermelon is naturally sweet, so it can help you when you have a crisis for chocolate or ice cream.

The fibers that the watermelon contains, will keep you satiated and prevent the overeating. But, although it is rich in nutrients and it is low in calories, the watermelon has a high glycemic index.

– People who are sensitive to raising of the blood sugar need to be cautious and to combine the watermelon with food with low glycemic index, such as nuts, cherries, rye bread, lentils, apples … It does not have to be in the same meal, but keep in mind that the next meal should contain food with low glycemic index, in order to compensate for the high index of the watermelon – advises the nutritionist Mirna Trumbetash.

In order to continue the process of losing weight after you have finished the watermelon diet, you should replace all the juices with plain water and watermelon: take two slices of watermelon, chop them into small pieces and freeze them. Then put a handful of the frozen pieces in a glass and add water. The ice from the watermelon will cool the water and give it a sweet taste. After you drink the water, you should eat the watermelon.

You can also reduce the size of the meal with the help of the watermelon. Eating smaller meals is one of the best ways for weight loss, and the watermelon can help you to feel satiated for a longer period of time.

Before you decide to start the watermelon diet, here are the ways you can consume it and the facts you should know:

Cooling it before eating

The coldest watermelon is not the healthiest. You should keep it at room temperature and cool it before you eat it.

Salad in a new way

In the usual vegetable salad, you can add a handful or two of watermelon chopped into cubes, a little mint and mozzarella sliced into strips. Season it with a few drops of balsamic vinegar.

Fruit dessert

Serve the watermelon as a dessert – eat a slice or two of watermelon instead of a piece of cake and learn to enjoy the natural sweet taste.

After doing exercises

Mix a kilogram of watermelon without seeds, a cup of cold water and two tablespoons of lemon juice in a blender.

Advice by the nutritionists

The nutritionists do not recommend fast diets, but they believe that the only sure way of long-term weight loss is the change of the eating habits. The watermelon is an excellent food and you should eat it, but you should certainly not exaggerate and eliminate other foods in order to lose the excess weight faster.

Before starting any diet, you should consult your doctor.

Diet Plan

Day 1

Breakfast: a slice of watermelon, a cup of coffee or green tea

Lunch: 150 g of cooked lean beef, 150 g of cooked rice, a slice of watermelon

Dinner: 100 g of cottage cheese, a slice of whole-wheat bread, a slice of watermelon

Day 2

Breakfast: a slice of watermelon, a cup of coffee or green tea

Lunch: 100 g of cooked chicken breast, a slice of bread, a slice of watermelon

Dinner: 100 g of grilled fish, 100 g of cooked rice, 2 slices of watermelon

Day 3

Breakfast: a slice of watermelon, a slice of toast, a cup of coffee or green tea

Lunch: 50 g of pasta with tomato sauce, 3 slices of watermelon

Dinner: vegetable salad, unlimited amounts of watermelon

Day 4

Breakfast: 2 slices of watermelon

Lunch: soup, broccoli, a slice of bread, 2 slices of watermelon

Dinner: 3 medium sized potatoes baked in the oven, 2 slices of watermelon

Day 5

Breakfast: 3 slices of watermelon

Lunch: 150 g of cooked lean beef, unlimited amounts of watermelon

Dinner: a slice of bread, 100 grams of cottage cheese, 3 slices of watermelon

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