Tea For Cleansing of the Body From Toxins and Parasites

Tea For Cleansing of the Body From Toxins and ParasitesThis is an excellent tea that is useful against nausea, vomiting, worms in the body, especially in ascariasis…

The turmeric is used in India for the elimination of toxins from the body, the clove is also effective in ascariasis, as well as in tuberculosis and mycobacterial infection, while the ginger additionally stimulates the blood circulation.



Necessary ingredients:


Mix all ingredients and add a glass and a half of boiling water. Stir everything well. Then add half a cup of hot milk.

Do not strain the tea and you should drink it during the day, as much as you want. It will help if you have a cold, or if you have gout, headache, fatigue…

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