Tea That Boosts Immunity and Lowers Blood Pressure

Tea That Boosts Immunity and Lowers Blood PressureAmong the most popular herbal teas, hibiscus tea is different by its recognizable red color, sour taste and a large amount of vitamin C.

The citric acid makes it a refreshing tea, and it is one of those that do not contain caffeine. This tea contains even thirteen amino acids, six of which are extremely important for our body and health.

In addition to vitamin C, it is rich in iron and contains flavonoids, enzymes, essential oils and fruit acids.

Health benefits and healing properties

Hibiscus can improve your immunity and the whole health. It is a great choice in case of cold, cough, sore throat and flu, and at the same time, it is excellent refreshment during the hot summer days. It also helps with stomach problems, especially in the case of constipation, because it acts as a laxative. It can also serve as a diuretic, so it is good for those with kidney and heart problems.

It also helps with circulatory disorders, insomnia, wounds and it refreshes the breath. Due to the large presence of flavonoids, the hibiscus tea helps the detoxification of the body, protects the liver, improves the metabolism and improves the work of the thyroid gland.

Lowers the blood pressure

Results of a research conducted in the United States, suggests that the tea prepared from hibiscus flower extract may be helpful in the treatment of mild and moderate hypertension (high blood pressure). In fact, after four weeks of the study, the diastolic (bottom) pressure was reduced by almost ten units in 79 percent of the people who consumed hibiscus tea every day (about half a liter), and 84 percent of the people who were taking medication for hypertension. The systolic (top) pressure has also dropped by 7.2 millimeters.

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