The Secret of Tibetan Longevity

3 Amazing Natural RemediesTibetan medicine is world’s famous and with the longest healing tradition. They use huge variety of natural remedies and consider plants of different origin to be responsible for healing effects in some health issues.

Tibetans are practicing so-called natural medicine. Not only do they use different fruit, plants and similar substances for creation of medications, but they take full consideration of all the herbs’ properties, from the site where they are found to the position of stars on the sky in the moment when they are picked. They have become experts on natural remedies and are capable of mixing almost one hundred different herbs in a single medication.

We have focused in this text on the three possible Tibetan medications for problems with heart and we have paid attention to choose those which can be prepared with simple ingredients: ginger, garlic, lemon and honey, which are available in the western countries as well. These three recipes help relaxation and renewal of human body and aid blood vessels cleaning.


Who would not like to live longer? We are offering here an exceptional part of Tibetan tradition invested in searching for natural remedies for human aging. With this recipe you will definitely prolong your life in a very natural way.

Make juice of 10 lemons and add 1 kg of honey and finely cut 10 heads of garlic. Place the mixture in a glass jar and keep it well closed during 8-10 days. Your elixir is then ready to be used. You should take a spoon of it twice per day, once before breakfast and once before dinner.

Relaxation and stress

Tibetans have developed production of a special sort of tea which has effects on relaxation and fighting stressful situations. It is also considered that it prolongs human life.

Cook two liters of water during five minutes; let it cool down and add the following ingredients: 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 5 g of grated ginger, a pinch of anise and hot pepper; and the tea is ready to be served. You should consume approximately one cup of this tea before each daily meal. Using given quantities of different ingredients, you will prepare enough tea for four people.

Blood vessels and heart

Following Tibetan recipe is intended for purification of blood vessels suffering from deposited fat and prevention of stroke and heart attack. It has also some effect on the remaining of the organism, most importantly it prevents tumor, aids better sight and renews entire body.

Mix one kilogram of organic unpeeled lemon and 300 g of garlic, add it to 1.5 liters of water which is boiling and cook during 15 minutes. The power should be medium. When it is cooked, let it cool down, then transfer it into a jar made of glass and close the jar.

You should take approximately 50 ml a day before meal. The complete therapy lasts around 25 days, when you should stop and make a 10 days break. Once when those 10 days are over you can repeat the treatment during next 25 days. If you need this remedy just for preventive purposes you should apply the treatment every six months.

On the other hand, if you intend to heal an existing problem, continue with 25-days-therapy as long as your health does not completely recover. And don’t forget the 10-days long no-therapy intervals.

It is amazing that these three recipes contain nothing else but honey, garlic and lemon. Let’s see how exactly you profit from these nutrients.


garlicIt’s a very popular food, due to its numerous healing properties and its undisputed relevance for human health. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, offers protection of blood vessels and decreases chances for stroke or heart-attack. Garlic is also known for: reduction of chances of tumor development; effect on relief from chronic diseases; fighting tensions, fatigue, aging, flu and cold. It is of high importance for the immune system, as well as for destruction of intestine parasites, bacterial and fungal infections.


Lemon FruitLemon is a great antibiotic and antioxidant. As an antioxidant it fights aging. It is extremely bio-efficient and remains present in blood up to 24 hours. Thanks to that it can prevent appearance of cancer or stop the cancer which has already developed. It is also powerful for cholesterol problems: it clarifies artery walls from cholesterol and regulates levels of cholesterol in body. This is good protection against stroke or heart-attack.


honeyHoney is also both antibiotic and antioxidant. Its main role is to guard your organism from dangerous substances. It can be combined with a number of different herbs used for healing processes and it is known that it enhances their power.

This is how and why these three simple ingredients can help you against practically everything from cold to stroke.

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