Three Thousand Years Old Garlic Natural Remedy

Old Garlic Natural RemedyIn 1971 at Tibetan monastery, UNESCO expedition found the recipe of an old garlic natural remedy. Today, the transcript from the table is translated in many world languages, and is assumed that its old about two to three thousand years.

This natural remedy based on garlic release the body of fatty deposits and calcification, improves metabolism and elasticity of blood vessels, thus preventing stroke, sclerosis, apoplexy and the formation of tumors, stops noise in the head, improves vision and in general rejuvenates the body.


Clean with a plastic knife 350 grams of garlic, then chop into small pieces and smash it with a pestle made ​​of wood or clay. In a glass container put 300 ml 96% alcohol and add the garlic. Tightly close container and store it for 10 days in a cool place. After this period, strain it through a thick cloth and well drain the rest.

How to use it

After 2-3 days begin treatment with taking this mixture with 50 ml milk at room temperature according to the following scheme – “in drops”.

Day Breakfast Launch Dinner
1 day 1 2 3
2 day 4 5 6
3 day 7 8 9
4 day 10 11 12
5 day 13 14 15
6 day 15 14 13
7 day 12 11 10
8 day 9 8 7
9 day 6 5 4
10 day 3 2 1
11 day 25 25 25

You should continue to take this remedy three times a day (25 drops) until you spent the entire content. Treatment is recommended to be repeated after five years.

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