Top 10 Foods High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the body to maintain healthy tissues, strong immune system and in the absorption of iron. It is considered an important ally against cold or other illness and is wise to use as part of your diet.

The recommended daily dose of vitamin C depends on the age of people and ranging from 36 to 60 mg. The intake of this vitamin is crucial, so we prepared a list with the top ten foods high in vitamin C.

1. Guava

Guava100 grams of this fruit contains even 228 milligrams of vitamin C and 56 calories. It’s best to be consumed fresh or as part of a fresh cocktail.

2. Red Pepper

Red pepperRed peppers contain solid amounts of this vitamin. 100 grams fresh sliced red pepper has 184 milligrams of vitamin C and 20 calories. If you cook, the amount of vitamin C decreases to 116 milligrams.

3. Kiwi

KiwiThis fruit is one of the richest in vitamin C. A medium sized kiwi has about 70 milligrams of vitamin C and about 46 calories. It is recommended to be consumed fresh or in addition to a dessert.

4. Orange

OrangeOrange is a synonym for vitamin C. A medium-sized orange contains about 70 milligrams of this vitamin and 62 calories. Although many expected that Orange will take the first place, there are richer sources of this vitamin.

5. Green pepper

Green pepperBesides red, also green pepper is significantly rich in this vitamin. At 100 grams sliced mild green peppers have 80 milligrams of vitamin C and only 15 calories while cooked has 51 milligrams of this vitamin.

6. Grapefruit

GrapefruitThis is a low-calorie fruit, which in 100 grams has 40 milligrams of vitamin C and 32 calories.

7. Green Smoothies

Green SmoothieDrinking fresh vegetable juices provide significant amounts of nutrients, including vitamin C. For example juice based on tomato, contains 50 mg Vitamin C and 34 calories.

8. Strawberries

StrawberriesBesides being rich in fiber and antioxidants, strawberries are rich in vitamin C. 100 grams of this fruit contains 59 milligrams Vitamin C and 32 calories.

9. Cabbage

cabbageAnother vegetable that is rich in vitamin C is cabbage. 100 grams of cabbage contains 36 milligrams vitamin C and 25 calories. In addition to vitamin C, cabbage is very rich in vitamin K.

10. Melon

MelonA quarter of a medium sized melon contains 47 milligrams of vitamin C and 50 calories.

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