Top 6 Superfoods for Healthy Skin, Hair, Bones, Teeth and Eyes

walnutThe secret to shiny skin and healthy hair? It is not in the products. The secret is in the diet. Experts say that if you want healthy bones, teeth, skin and hair – these are the ingredients that you have to eat.


If you want softer skin, healthier hair, eyes and stronger bones – eat walnuts. Add a handful of walnuts in a salad or dessert and supply the body with healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.


This green vegetable is full with nutrients and antioxidants. The spinach contains lutein, an antioxidant due to which you will have healthier eyes. It is a good source of vitamins B, C and E as well as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.


It is small, brown and hairy fruit full of vitamin C and antioxidants, which will make your skin firmer and your teeth and bones healthy. The kiwi is a great fighter against wrinkles!

Dark chocolate

We love that it is often on the list of ingredients that are good for us. Dark chocolate protects the skin from the sun and helps it to stay hydrated and, contrary to the standard belief, the chocolate does not cause acne! Of course, keep in mind that we are talking about chocolates that contain at least 60% of cocoa.


One cup of low-fat yogurt contains more calcium than a cup of low-fat milk, and the calcium is essential for healthy bones, nails and teeth.


This super food is full of health, and recently it has become a favorite among vegetables for many experts. The potato is rich in beta-carotene, the pigment that produces vitamin A, which is good for the eyesight and health of the eyes in general, and another reason why it is on this list is that, the potato is an excellent fighter against aging. Of course, you must be careful about how and with what you prepare it.

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