How To Use the Hidden Healing Properties of the Green Vegetables

How To Use the Hidden Healing Properties of the Green VegetablesWe believe that most of the readers of this article know the healing values of the green vegetables such as cabbage, borecole, kale, chard, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, etc.

Each of these vegetables has the ability of creating the anti-cancer enzyme called “myrosinase“. This enzyme does not only have anti-cancer properties that prevent the development of cancer cells, but it also help the liver in the detoxification of the body and generally affects the strengthening of the human immune system.

But, do we use them correctly?

As we have already said, the above mentioned vegetables have the ability of creating myrosinase. This is how it is exactly written:

It does not contain it, but it has the ability of creating it.

Let us take the ordinary cabbage as an example, although the principle is exactly the same for other plants of the cabbage family. When we cut the head of the cabbage with a knife, we also damage the cells of the cabbage and change its molecular structure. This causes the formation and activation of the enzyme on the place where it is cut. The myrosinase enzyme converts the nutrients of the cabbage in their active form and thereby improves the immune properties of the plant.

In fact, the plant itself, in our case the cabbage, by forming the myrosinase is trying to heal the place where it is hurt, that is the place where it is cut. The more we chop the plant, the more we stimulate the formation of the healing substance. Usually, the plant needs about 10 minutes to form the optimal amount of the myrosinase enzyme.

Therefore, you should chop the cabbage finely, or other vegetable of this family, and let it sit for about 10 minutes before cooking it or eating it fresh.

The short cooking, if the vegetable remains crunchy, will not destroy its healing properties.

Also, it has been proven that vitamin C enhances the anticancer effects of the myrosinase enzyme. If you make a cabbage salad, instead of vinegar you should squeeze a lemon on the cabbage and maximize its healing properties.

The salad prepared in this way does not only have a preventive effect against cancer, but also actively destroys the active cancer cells, and helps the immune system. Your liver will also be grateful for the prepared salad.

The long cooking destroys the effects of the enzyme and it is very important to let the chopped cabbage sit for ten minutes until a maximum quantity of myrosinase is formed. After this you can cook the vegetables for less time on low or medium heat, without losing the immunological values.

The cabbage is taken as an example, but the same rules apply for all cabbage plants such as kale, borecole, chard, cauliflower, broccoli, etc…

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