Weekend Diet – Shape Your Body in Only Two Days

Shape Your Body in Two Days
Weekend diet, as the name suggests is a simple diet because food should be controlled only a day or two. Not lose many pounds, but it can shape your body if the diet is applied regularly.

One Day Diet

This mini diet is carried for only 24 hours, which, if applied regularly, is enough to lose three pounds in a month. You can choose one of the suggested menus with note that you must drink at least two liters of water.

Strawberry Day

1 kg strawberries, 250 g pineapple, 200 g of vegetables, 100 g kiwi, 60 g of raw potatoes.

Rice Day

150 g of rice to be cooked in plenty of water and divided into three portions. Morning and evening in rice you can add some vegetables, while for lunch 200 g of cooked tomatoes.

Potatoes Day

700 g of potatoes and 600 g of cooked vegetables divided into three meals. Potatoes can be cooked or baked in the oven, while vegetables can be steamed. Allowable spices are parsley, thyme, chives and marjoram.

Two Days Diet

With this diet you will not lose a lot of pounds, but you will shape your body. It lasts only two days, and is allowed to repeat every two weeks. Drink plenty of water and maximum reduce salt and sugar. Light exercise will contribute to the shaping of the body.

Here is diet plan:

1-st Day

Breakfast – A cup of berries, slices of toast, a cup of coffee

Lunch – 120 grams of tuna canned in natural juice, slices of toast, a cup of coffee

Dinner – 100 g grilled white meat, 240g green beans, 120g beetroot, 100g of fruit ice cream

2-nd Day

Breakfast – A cup of wild fruit, hard-boiled egg, a slice of toasted bread, a cup of coffee

Lunch – 200 g milk porridge with five integral crackers

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