What Cellulite Doesn’t Like

What Cellulite Doesn’t LikeImagine a cushion: packed with sponge, wrapped in cloth, stitched with a thread that ends which with a decorative button on the top.

That is exactly what the skin with cellulite looks like, and this is not without reason: the epidermis is a cloth, the sponge is replaced by plump fat cells stuffed into chambers which are limited by a net of thread, sorry, connective tissue. In addition, there is also the net of capillaries, whose walls are also made of connective tissue, thus captured it collapses, and the blood vessels begin to leak water like an old, cracked garden hose. This water accumulates due to the poor drainage, because the lymphatic system is threatened by the pressure of the fat cells.

Is the accumulation of the fluids and the degradation of the connective tissue causing the “upholstering” skin, or is it a result of the spreading of fat cells?

We will leave this “chicken-egg” puzzle to the doctors, and we will pay attention to the processes that act on the reduction of the cellulite. What should we do – and what not to do – in order to achieve this.

Speed up the blood circulation

To do: A lot of movement and physical activity activate the muscles and increases the circulation. The massages accelerate the blood circulation, and thus the delivery of vitamin C and oxygen to the tissues. Apply your anti-cellulite cream or lotion for body care by massage movements.

Not to do: The long sitting and standing slow down the blood flow, and the microcirculation is particularly vulnerable in the cellulite prone zones. Do not sit cross-legged.

Eliminate the toxins

To do: Massage – lymphatic drainage in a beauty salon or at home: After showering, apply Guam drainage oil by movements that will accelerate the lymph, and these are movements with very light pressure from the periphery to the heart, from the feet to the upper thighs. The exfoliation will contribute to the detoxification, especially the one that contains sea salt. You should walk a lot in order to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Not to do: Food – Eliminate the toxins from the food, canned food, cigarettes and alcohol, and add herbal teas and food that contains antioxidants (fruits and vegetables with bright colors!).

Don’t feed the fat cells

To do: Burning calories – here we are again in the gym and on the bike! Now you know that the fat from cellulite will not be used as a “drive” for the muscles, but you will prevent the accumulation of new fats. The retinol in your cream prevents the storing of fats, and thus the increase of the fat pads and bumps on the skin, the RoC slimming products work on this principle.

Not to do: The carbohydrates stimulate the insulin secretion and create new fats, so you should keep them to a minimum. The diet with a reduced calorie intake is generally desirable, because it will stop the further filling of the fat cells.

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